Monday, June 13, 2011

Installing and painting at the Bronx Museum of the Arts for Priscilla De Carvalho.

Atteeennnnnntttiioooon. Lots of new information. My work can now be found at Works-in-progress are frequently posted on my twitter and facebook accounts. I am a studio resident on Governors Island from March 1 to July 21. Tours of the studio are every Saturday at 2pm and 4pm. The next open studio event will be July 15-17. Additionally, the Bronx Museum of the Arts is hosting its first Artist in the Marketplace Biennial from June 26 to September 5. I recently helped artist-in-resident, Priscilla De Carvalho, install her work and paint a mural in the Museum. Check out her piece and the incredible drawings by Brian Scott Campbell at the Open House on Sunday, June 26.

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